What if?

No, I didn’t kill him, quite frankly I never understood hunting as a sport, unless you actually need to eat your prey it always seemed like an unnecessary act of violence, a futile exercise of power over the powerless, a dumb excuse for buying guns no one really needs, the one and only thing I learned on the navy was only god should be allowed to dictate what gets to live and what deserves to die, so why am I here? Why am I pointing a Bow & Arrow to things I have no intention of hurting? Tracking things that can’t hunt me back? I’m not even sure but that’s just the irony of my life lately, having to pretend to be something that I’m really not, being forced to live among a society I no longer feel a part of, not even sure I actually ever felt part of it to be honest, I keep on trying to convince myself that is the right thing to do under the circumstances but it’s getting harder and harder everyday, I know we all have that feeling of “I might not belong here” or “I’m not really sure where I fit in here” sometimes and don’t get me wrong it’s perfectly normal but some of us it’s sort of a reality, it is true though that home it’s wherever you are happy but what if you are still looking for that place and you can’t find it? What if you are sort of happy everywhere you go? You if just don’t know if you really wanna stay there forever? What if you are just a nomad?